Oh I can read inbetween the lines all right. Recently I have been described as; determined, strong-willed, focused. I have heard “She knows what she wants.” from both family, friends and strangers. And yes, I would say on the whole, I do. 

I am a small person, surrounded by big people. I have no time for faffing about. I cannot speak. It has taken them a while to get the hang of it but a long, low throaty growl means I want something. For instance, during bath time, I get lowered into the bubbles and am surrounded by my friends Pelican, Crab, Dolphin and Octo, this is not the full picture of bathing happiness. I stare meaningfully at Mr Penguin and growl until the top of his head is pressed and hey presto, a shower of bubbles fill the air.  

 Let me give you a little tip, it’s all about the body language. I may be 8 months old, but at bath time for example, I sit back in my seat like Ray Winstone in a sauna rather than a baby in a bath tub. It’s all about commanding authority.

I’m a morning person, but when I’m ready. Not quite asleep but not quite awake? Rest an innocent looking leg across your Mother’s body. 

 It may look cutesy, but it’s a heavy weight, no nonsense move.

Don’t want to leave Nana’s house and the plush surroundings of your play blanket and enormous selection of Primo lego? Turn on the waterworks but at the same time slap meaningfully at the hands that are trying to pick you up. 

  Follow my advice and you’ll be alright, kid.