My food is lumpy. Mashing with the back of a fork has begun. I must say, I am enjoying the introduction of a variety of new food stuffs. They are being served either by spoon (why are the handles so long? I do not wear a ruff) or messily scattered upon my highchair tray. I do not however enjoy being yanked at breakneck speed out of my highchair, to choruses of “Oh my God, oh my God!”, and jiggled about and slapped on the back until I spit out a mouthful of my dinner. It is quite unbecoming. 

I enjoy a finger food or two. Banana became a bit boring, toast crusts were introduced (“Oh my God, oh my God! Get her out, get her OUT!”), but disappeared. I favour a snack that they have named ‘middle class Wotsits’. They are chunky and fun to handle. I do not appreciate the way they listen and laugh as I gnaw at them. They should try biting into something with only two bottom teeth.

I am enjoying the new additions of toys to the household. Especially my super Tomy egg set, a must have for any 7 month old. When it comes to amusement however hard Mother and Father try, Nana knows best.

  When I arrive at Nana’s as soon as I enter the living room my special royal quilting is laid upon the floor. I exit my car seat in a state of twitching excitement you wouldn’t believe. Mood dependant I either go to Nana for a quick catch up or like to be placed straight into my seating area. I have toys at home, but let me tell you, the assortment Nana provides me with is mind boggling. I love it. Do I notice if Mother leaves the room, or in fact the building, once I am cocooned in Toy Land with Tim Wonnacot’s relaxing tones in the background? Do I ever! Stay out Mother, enjoy yourself. My nana and I will be just fine.